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Concrete is much more than a building material and when it comes to flooring it is fast becoming a popular choice

Polished concrete floor with Semi Gloss finish completed by Balcrete, June 2019, Kilcock Ireland

Polished concrete floor with Semi Gloss finish completed by Balcrete, June 2019, Kilcock Ireland

Polished concrete is completely different from the basic poured finish material as it involves taking off top layers to reveal the sand and the aggregate beneath. This polishing process transforms concrete from an industrial building material into one which is fitting for a contemporary home.


The polishing process for concrete flooring will vary depending on the finish chosen by the customer. The finish refers to the level of aggregate exposure in the concrete floor.

Balcrete’s dry polishing process uses special vacuums to create a beautiful refined finish. The process is eco-friendly with no wastage during the manufacturing process.

The floor is finished using specialist equipment, the concrete is ground to differing levels and polished.  This process allows clients to choose the level of aggregate exposure they prefer, in this way no two floors are the same. The choice of aggregate and the number of grinding and polishing stages involved in the process allows us to create a truly unique floor.

Balcrete floors can be customized, clients can design their own mix, choose from a wide rage of aggregates and add dyes to create a spectacular floor which will last the lifetime of your building with simple maintenance.

Balcrete will provide the concrete and lay the screed, rather than subcontracting this important process and our expert team will complete the polishing. Our customers can be reassured that we will oversee every step of the process to deliver a high quality, easy-clean, environmentally-friendly and durable floor.

The advantages of this process over other competitors are:

• Consistently results in floors with higher quality

• Quality control is maintained throughout

• Balcrete can stand over the finish

• Clients can choose from unlimited design options

Polished concrete floor in kitchen

The benefits of polished concrete flooring


Price compare each flooring option's long-term cost and polished concrete is the least expensive without a doubt. With minimal maintaince, concrete flooring will last for years. Its durability far outlasts other flooring solutions you may be considering. The initial square foot costs will be down to cents when you consider the lifetime costs compared to others on the market. 

Easily Maintained

Caring for a polished concrete floor is easier than caring for other flooring solutions. A daily sweep and mop will keep your floors shiny and long lasting. The floor is resistant to marks and stains. Even with the heaviest of traffic, polished concrete floors will keep their luster for years 

Quality & Longevity

When considering the economical aspect of your flooring, as we noted above, polished concrete floors almost pay for themselves, mainly because of the long life they are known to have. Polished concrete lasts for years with minimal upkeep. 

Dust Free

What’s great about polished concrete floors is that the dusting is greatly reduced. No need to worry about the wearing of the floor underneath you because its polish is protecting the concrete. 

Energy Efficient

Polished concrete is a natural, sustainable solution that can help save on your energy bill, too. This flooring’s ability to reflect ambient and natural lighting is impeccable. When installed, you’ll notice that its sheen will allow you to have fewer lights on yet still get your desired aesthetic.

Concrete floor Kilcock Ireland

Colours and Finishes


A colour dye can be added to the concrete mix in order to achieve a specific coloured finish for the floor, white and pale grey dyes are growing in popularity for home interiors. Aggregate mixes are also used to add colour, texture and pattern to the floor.

Texture and pattern 

Exposing the aggregate in concrete can also create grain, texture and pattern in floor surfaces, which is particularly useful for areas requiring greater slip resistance, especially when wet. The uppermost layer of concrete, or surface mortar, can be removed in a number of ways, each with subtly different results. 

A key consideration is the practicality of application and the degree of control required for the specific project. Appropriate specification of the concrete mix is essential for a high-quality exposed aggregate finish, since normal concrete is unlikely to contain sufficient aggregate at the surface once compacted. A range of proprietary mixes are available with different combinations of coloured aggregates and binder. 

Balcrete can create custom samples, on request, to enable the client to visualize the finished look before ordering with us. 

Gloss Finish 

If you’re looking for high-quality finish gloss finish for your space Balcrete can deliver this using expert polishing techniques to create a semi gloss or high gloss finish

Concrete Kitchen floor in semi gloss finish

How Does It Take for a Concrete Floor to Dry?

When choosing a concrete floor you will be excited about seeing the finished product. A concrete mix consists of only a few ingredients and when water is added, there is a chemical reaction. This continues to react during the laying process.

Laying a concrete floor requires patience as the drying or curing process are crucial to the quality of the floor. It is best to let the concrete dry naturally.To get the right finish, Balcrete ensure that the concrete is allowed to dry as naturally and slowly as possible.

As well as the water content affecting the drying time, the thickness of the concrete will be affected too. Internal concrete floors might not be as thick or as deep as you think and when this is the case, your concrete floor could be fully serviceable and ready to use in as little as 28 days.


Concrete flooring requires very little maintenance which is the key reason why many home owners and businesses are choosing polished concrete. Polished floors are easy to clean, require only occasional damp mopping or buffing with a neutral pH floor cleaner, and also meet the demands of heavy foot traffic. A polished finished eliminates the need for waxes or coating saving on the associated labor, time, and expense to apply them.


Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about concrete flooring to see what we can do for you.For more information about concrete flooring solutions please email us at or give us a call Ireland +353863930783  Northern Ireland +447393902781 . 

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