What We Do

Balcrete are experts in polished concrete flooring and Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete furniture(GFRC), offering a wide variety of indoor and outdoor furniture, fire pit tables, polished floors, work tops, vanity sinks for your bathroom, polished stairs and much more. Balcrete combine concrete finishes and color amalgamations to create uniquely designed pieces that will last a lifetime.

With its light weight concrete design, and sleek modern finish this furniture is a must for all contemporary homes. By replacing the gravel and sand in conventional concrete with high-tech materials, such as fibreglass and polymers we are able to create statement pieces that are truly unique and durable.

All pieces are uniquely hand crafted to meet your requirements and can be cast into any shape. Organic Natural appearance of the concrete is unique to each piece of furniture created and this is as a result of the variety of finishes you can choose from. All designs will remain in top condition for decades to come. Balcrete is not only the future for concrete design but more importantly, the future design for your home!

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