Concrete Dining Table Charcoal

Concrete Dining Table Charcoal

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Concrete Dining Table Charcoal Rectangular Top

Our concrete dining table is contemporary a statement piece designed to make a impact on the aesthetic of your modern home.

A perfect addition to an open planned kitchen dining area.

At Balcrete, we create a range of concrete dining tables and each hand-crafted so that each table top is unique.

This rectangular dining table is available in a range of sizes capable of seating up to 12 diners. 

The table top is composed of concrete which is charcoal in colour. 

Concrete is a highly versatile material. Innovations in setting and moulding techniques have enabled the creation of sophisticated and contemporary concrete furniture in recent years.

The plasticity of our Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) allows us to mould it to any shape and form, the design possibilities are endless.

With a wide variety of colours and finishes, you can design a unique table that fits with the look and palette of your home.

Our experienced team can add bespoke colours and finishes to suit the aesthetic of you kitchen and dining room.

This model also comes in Arctic White and Pebble Grey. 

Made with a choice of supports out concrete dining tables can be constructed with steel supports, wooden legs and concrete bases. 

Please note that this dining table was made to order. Chairs are not included.

Custom made lead time 6 Weeks

We are currently producing a selection of ready made concrete dining tables available to buy directly from our website available for delivery from October 2019

Viewing of our bespoke dining furniture range at our new showroom space can be arranged by appointment by calling the office and chatting with Laura on 074970602


Seating capacity:

A Solid Concrete dining table rectangular top in charcoal is made from high strength GFRC Concrete.

Each table is individually handcrafted with each piece custom designed and built to your specifications, and with the beauty and nature of concrete's natural imperfections and colouring no two pieces are the same which gives every piece their individual character.

Multiple colours and designs possible

Polished and sealed to give the concrete a very smooth surface while providing maximum stain and scratch resistance.

This table comes in 3 pieces which we will assemble in your home

Available in custom colours and sizes

We have created this table with variations in the legs with metal, wood and concrete options available

This is a solid heavy piece of furniture that will last you a lifetime.