PoLished COncrete floors

Balcrete Polished Concrete is eco friendly and fast becoming the most popular choice of flooring solution in contemporary Irish homes and modern commercial premises. Existing and new concrete floors can be polished for a dust free, eco friendly, low maintenance and a sleek modern finish.

Quality is vitally important to the team at Balcrete and many things can affect the quality of the finished floor. For this reason Balcrete will provide the concrete and lay the screed, rather than subcontracting this important process and complete the polishing. Our customers can be reassured that we will oversee every step of the process to deliver a high quality, easy-clean, environmentally-friendly and durable floor.


Polished concrete floors are the perfect choice for a modern aesthetic in your home and they are incredibly hard wearing. Recent advances in polishing equipment and techniques, mean Balcrete can grind concrete floor surfaces, whether new or old, to a high-gloss finish that never needs waxes or coatings to give a unique finish. The finish will not feel any harder on your feet than ceramic or porcelain tile. Concrete floors are less slippery than floors made of materials like linoleum and porcelain which is another of the benefits of these smooth, high-luster floors.

Changing trends towards open plan living spaces with an industrial aesthetic has seen polished concrete feature heavily, allowing open plan living areas to be visually connect within homes and further extend to the garden with internal floor finishes continuing externally. Changes in aggregate and polishing finishes can help define areas for cooking, eating and relaxing whilst maintaining a flexible open plan space.

A simple yet considered design approach, with a reduced palette of materials carefully selected in response to the existing building and it’s context has allowed interior designers to successfully use concrete flooring as a beautiful alternative to other flooring solutions.The benefits are also practical because concrete is a very low maintenance flooring option.

With more and more home owners choosing underfloor heating in new builds and home renovations, concrete poured at 100 mm thickness is recommended to increase the efficiency for underfloor heating systems. So opting for a polished finish on the top layer of concrete is often more cost effective when compared with tiling or wooden flooring.

Our polishing process

Balcrete use a world leading concrete polishing system known as Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® using technologies and equipment developed by the Husqvarna Group which excel in quality polished concrete machinery and tooling worldwide.

The polishing process for concrete flooring will vary depending on the finish chosen by the customer. The finish refers to the level of aggregate exposure in the concrete floor.

Balcrete’s dry polishing process uses special vacuums to create a beautiful refined finish. The process is eco-friendly with no wastage during the manufacturing process.

The floor is finished using specialist equipment, the concrete is ground to differing levels and polished. This process allows clients to choose the level of aggregate exposure they prefer, in this way no two floors are the same. The choice of aggregate and the number of grinding and polishing stages involved in the process allows us to create a truly unique floor.

Balcrete floors can be customized, clients can design their own mix, choose from a wide rage of aggregates and add dyes to create a spectacular floor which will last the lifetime of your building with simple maintenance.

We can prepare samples for our clients on request if you have more questions or to request a sample please give us a call Ireland +353863930783 Northern Ireland +447393902781



Commercial concrete flooring requires very little maintenance which is the key reason why many warehouses and retail facilities are choosing polished concrete. Polished floors are easy to clean, require only occasional damp mopping or buffing with a neutral pH floor cleaner, and also meet the demands of heavy forklift and foot traffic. A polished finished eliminates the need for waxes or coating saving on the associated labor, time, and expense to apply them.

Here at Balcrete we also make large scale tiles with various finishes and colours to choose from. With our GFRC we can make large tiles with a high strength that will out preform all your usual flooring; wood, tiles etc.  

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