Polished Concrete Flooring

Balcrete uses a world leading concrete polishing system known as Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® using technologies and equipment developed by the Husqvarna Group which excel in quality polished concrete machinery and tooling worldwide.

The polishing process for concrete flooring will vary depending on the finish chosen by the customer. The finish refers to the level of aggregate exposure in the concrete floor. Balcrete’s dry polishing process uses special remote controlled floor grinders and vacuums to create a beautiful refined finish. The floor is finished using specialist equipment, the concrete is ground to differing levels and mechanically polished.

This process allows clients to choose the level of aggregate exposure they prefer, in this way no two floors are the same. The number of grinding and polishing stages involved in the process allows us to create a truly unique floor.

There are 3 types of finish on flooring

Premium Finish

This is a full aggregate exposure which is created by an initial heavy grind to expose the beautiful aggregates underneath. A further number of grinding and mechanical polishing stages are required to finish this process. The concrete is left with a satin or high gloss finish depending on the client's preference.

Variable Finish - Salt and pepper

A light grind to reveal fine sand and small stones underneath. It is then mechanically polished to a satin or gloss finish. The name variable is given due to the differences in exposure given throughout the floor, you may get larger aggregate shown in some areas and smaller aggregate in others.

Industrial Finish

This is the raw industrial look of concrete. A mechanical polish is carried out to follow the concrete contours on a high standard power floated floor. This will give you colour variations and a unique and beautiful floor. When placing and finishing the concrete a colour hardener can be used to give different colour options.

Aftercare of polished concrete flooring

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