Concrete Fire Pits

Balcrete have designed and crafted several concrete fire pits transforming gardens into enchanting outdoor living spaces, perfect for sharing a summers evening with family and friends.

The popularity of fire pits and the fire effects they produce in the garden is one of fastest growing trends in Irish landscape design. The allure of sitting around an open fire ring has been around since the beginning of mankind. Fire provides warmth, light, a cooking source and, of course relaxation. A dancing flame has a mesmerizing affect that encourages you to unwind and settle in. The popularity of fire pits, or conversation pits as they are commonly called, has grown rapidly in recent years.

Garden Design Concept by Ingrid Smyth

IMG-20190114-WA0000 conept.JPG

Fire Pit Location

Proper design and construction will ensure a safe and enjoyable feature that will last several decades. A fire is a great way to enjoy the view; locate fire features at the edge of the property in a place where people will have a chance to enjoy the fire while taking in the surroundings.

Consider the view from indoors too. Place design features where they can be easily seen from your interior living and entertainment space so people can enjoy the show indoors and out.

Locate your fire where warmth will be most welcome. In a Hotel garden setting placing fire near the spa, for example, provides a way for people to continue to enjoy the area in comfort in or out of the water. At home you may want to incorporate a fire pit with outdoor cooking and dining so that your pit can function as a BBQ.

Plan for safety. Always locate fire features away from sheds or buildings and take prevailing winds into consideration. Above all use common sense when operating fire features to keep your evenings safe and beautiful.

Fire Pit Construction Techniques

Standard seat height is 45-50 cms, so build your feature at this height if you intend people to be comfortable sitting on it instead of next to it. Build for the long term and invest in the feature. Commission a landscape architect to design your space to ensure that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

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Decorative Fire Bowls

Bespoke Decorative Fire Bowls inspired by the rugged vibrant coastline of the Northwest of Donegal. Enjoy the warmth and ambience of a real fire with your friends and family with a bespoke fire bowl. This is the only statement piece you need for your home. These bowls will be designed to your taste, to your style, to suit your home. 

Perfect addition to any contemporary home, inside or out. They will provide you with that personalised look for your whole home.  Light up the night and add ambiance to your home with the unique design of the fire bowl!